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Fletcher Grist Mill

1-28 Grist Mill

A fourth generation of the Fletcher family is now learning to operate the antique grist mill acquired by Elmer and Marie Fletcher around 1965.

Family members currently are working to process a trailer load of Hickory King (also known as Hickory Cane) through the stone burr mill manufactured by Meadows Mills in the late 1920s. They power it with a belt drive hooked to a tractor, just as Elmer did. Elmer’s son, Gary Don, passes along the knowledge his father taught him to his brother-in-law Wayne Harlan, nephews Brandon and Justin Harlan, son Shawn, and Shawn’s children. He explains that the mill’s grinding surfaces are two granite stones that are four inches thick, thus “stone ground” meal. The stones are grooved at an angle and the furrows force corn to the center and out during the grinding process.

Complete story published Jan. 28, 2015.

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