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Local Hikers Find Human Skull at Petit Jean

Two friends from Mountain View were wrapping up what had been a typical hiking adventure at Petit Jean State Park March 11 when they made a gruesome discovery that has since become statewide news.

Lance Ward and Marshall Armor were making their way back toward their vehicle when they happened onto a human skull that has been identified as John Glasgow, a Little Rock businessman who went missing in 2008.

Ward, a senior at University of Arkansas, told the Leader the two started their hike on the trails, but ventured off to follow a creek through the woods, then down a road that led to a huge overlook. Realizing they were about four miles from their vehicle, Ward said they decided to maneuver down what he described as a “huge bluff” and began walking along the valley below in the direction of the car. They saw what appeared to be bone and as they got closer they asked themselves, “Is that what I think it is?”

“I didn’t think it was human until I saw a gold tooth,” Ward said. “At first it kinda freaked us out a little.”

The two immediately called 911 to report their find.

Read the full story in the March 18 issue.

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