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Batson Lands Movie Role

As a child actor new to the business, 6-year-old Bobby Batson is already landing some major roles. His latest endeavor is the role of Joe Piper, son of a near death survivor whose tribulations are recounted in the New York Times best seller, “90 Minutes in Heaven.”

Batson will share the screen with well-known actors such as Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen and actress and model Kate Bosworth. The film adaptation recounts the harrowing experience of Don Piper, a man who survived a car crash after initially being pronounced dead at the scene.

The film is expected to be in theaters this fall.

Batson has also been featured in the movie adaptation of “The Fifth Wave” which will be in theaters early 2016.

In addition to acting, he is an avid soccer and basketball player. He is the son of Dr. John and Rachel Batson, and is the grandson of Don Shipman of Mountain View and Margaret King of Quitman.

5-6 Bobby Batson

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