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Bison Farm Established

A herd of bison grazes contentedly in a field along creekbottom land in western Stone County, seemingly at home in an area that is relatively new to them but historically may have been native range for the species, according to their owner, Rod Chiodini. Rod and Cindi Chiodini bought their farm at the end of Jimmy Creek Road in 2003 and worked to reclaim and fence the land that had been abandoned for many y ...

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Rider is Youngest Master Plumber

By Lana Mason At only 20 years old, Brady Rider is the youngest person in Arkansas to complete the plumber apprenticeship program and earn his master plumbers license. While still in high school at Rural Special School, Brady began plumbers trade school at ASU in Heber Springs the year he turned 16. He attended high school during the day, attended night classes at the college, and worked weekends and summer ...

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Freezing Temps Concern For Crops

Late-season cold snaps frustrate residents who are eager for spring weather, but they have financial implications for local crop producers. Certain crops can be covered and protected from frost bite, but for others it can mean a nerve-wracking overnight watch for farmers as temperatures drop. Lewis Caston was up several nights in the past week monitoring temperatures at Caston Orchards in Onia, but he won’t ...

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Mountain View Eye Care Relocates

Mountain View Eye Care has relocated to its new facility at Case Commons Drive just off Highway 14 East. Among other features in the expanded space, the new office offers a larger optical area for choosing eyeglasses, pictured. Dr. Chris Deitrick, O.D. and his wife are partners in the Case Commons commercial development, where Best Drug Store opened its new location in December. From the March 21, 2018 issu ...

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County Receives $1 Million Grant

Stone County Judge Stacey Avey received word Monday that the county has been approved for a $1 million grant to help construct an 18,000-square-foot building to be leased to Excel Boats for an expansion of the company’s manufacturing operation. The grant, which is being made through the Economic Development Administration (EDA) was announced by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. The project is expected ...

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Pharmacists Concerned About Reimbursements

A recent development in the pharmacy industry has local pharmacists very concerned, both for their own livelihood and their ability to serve the patients they have come to know and care for. A change in the way reimbursements are paid from insurance companies to the pharmacies has left them losing money on many of the prescriptions they fill every day. “We’re not just talking about a decrease in profits. We ...

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New Business

Tom Everett's construction crew works to frame a new drive-through beverage shop that began taking shape Jan. 19 at the previous car wash location between Main and Jackson Streets west of the courtsquare. City Planning and Zoning Officer Rex Vannatter said the building permit was issued to Keith Thomas for a 240-square-foot building. When contacted, Thomas declined commenting further. From the Jan. 24 issue ...

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Century Farm

The Arkansas Century Farm program honors farms that have been owned and operated by one family for at least 100 years. Typically passed down from one generation to another, it’s not often that one of the farms has been home to the same farmer for a century. Born on his family farm in 1917, Lonnie Richardson celebrated his 100th birthday in September and was honored again this month when the Richardson-Goins ...

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Permanent Christmas Tree

Mountain View’s Christmas Committee hopes to have permanently solved the problems of securing a cut Christmas tree on the courtsquare each season by obtaining a live Nigra Arborvitae tree, which was planted at the southwest corner of the courthouse last week. Despite various methods of tying down trees over the years, wind often blows them down. The planted tree is expected to eventually grow to about 25 fe ...

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