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Small Plants Integral Part of Economy

Above, a robotic bagging system at Fiber Energy weighs and packs bags of pellets onto pallets. Large manufacturing plants employing hundreds of people seem to be a thing of the past, a sign of global patterns that are probably beyond the scope of local officials to change. Cheaper labor and fewer environmental regulations outside the U.S. make it more difficult for communities to attract a large industry, e ...

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Controlling Armyworms

Early scouting and proper timing of insecticide application are keys to controlling the armyworms that have infested pastures throughout much of the state in recent weeks. “They’re all across Arkansas, and they’re a big problem,” Stone County Extension Agent Tyler Caston said. Though they are called “worms,” these pests are actually a caterpillar, the larva of a moth. There are two types that trouble Arkans ...

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Cattle Producers Battle Pink Eye

Antibiotics, good fly control, and clearing of excess vegetation in pastures are recommended to combat the outbreak of pink eye affecting many local cattle growers this summer. Bovine keratoconjunctivitis, known as “pink eye,” typically becomes a more serious condition in cattle than does the human version, veterinarians say. It begins with watery, light-sensitive eyes and progresses to the familiar white c ...

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Meadowcreek Undergoing Changes

Changes taking place at Meadowcreek will result in upgrades to the infrastructure to enable hosting of educational programs and overnight guests, according to information released by Gary Valen, president of Meadowcreek, Inc., and Executive Director Bob Gee. The non-profit based near the community of Fox has changed its name to reflect its mission. It is now Meadowcreek Rural Enterprise Incubator (MREI), fo ...

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Farm Family of the Year

Brian and Brandy Stoltze are honored as this year's Stone County Farm Family of the Year, with daughters Kayden, Kameryn and Kyleigh. See feature story, photographs and advertiser salute in the May 11 issue of the Leader. ...

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Economic Development Organization

The name Stone County In Tune (SCIT) has been chosen for a community development effort launched this year. A group has been working the Dr. Mark Peterson of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, who is facilitating the process of local residents forming an independent organization. The group was to meet April 28 to form a governing board. See more in the April 27, 2016 issue. ...

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Poultry Expansion Evident

Some large and highly visible new poultry operations certainly make it appear that the industry is making a comeback in Stone County, and officials with the Farm Service Agency report a lot of new loans being guaranteed through their office in the last two years. The new growth is not yet reflected in the number of operations registered with the Stone County Conservation District. However, Jeff Vanemburg, B ...

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Pat Cast is 2016 Distinguished Citizen

“Aunt Minnie Miles” says she’s not very distinguished; nonetheless, Pat Cash has been named 2016 Distinguished Citizen, an honor bestowed by the Mountain View Area Chamber of Commerce. Pat has served in many positions throughout the community – sometimes in character as Aunt Minnie – but always with the goal of building tourism in the community. She believes tourism is important because it helps the communi ...

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Economic Development Survey

From the Stone County Extension Service: A meeting was held recently to discuss the need and potential for a community and economic development action plan for Mountain View and Stone County, with Mark Peterson, Professor of Community and Economic Development from the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service as a guest speaker. The meeting included community leaders from Mountain View, city and ...

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