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Stone County Fair

The Stone County Fair was held Sept. 11-17 with one event being School Day at the fairgrounds on Friday (above). See the Sept. 20, 2017 issue for more photos and list of livestock winners. ...

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Lonnie Richardson Celebrates 100th

Having just celebrated his 100th birthday, Lonnie Richardson continues to amaze folks with his good health and steadfast ways. Not only did he have three celebrations over the weekend, but he attended the visitation for a friend’s funeral Saturday and took in a musical on the courtsquare Saturday evening. He still lives on his own for the most part, but will spend evenings with family members and return hom ...

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Edna Thatcher Celebrates 100th

“As long as you have ‘little willie’ in your pocket, you can do it.” This favorite saying of Edna Thatcher is a reference to willpower, something she credits for her life’s accomplishments, which now include turning 100 years old. With a sweet smile and a hug for everyone who stops by to visit, Edna has enjoyed being surrounded by her family and friends who gathered to celebrate her birthday over the weeken ...

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Flamepainting On Copper

The combination of artistic creativity and a compulsive nature led Skip Mathews to create what is virtually his own art form. A coppersmith for 52 years, Skip developed the technique of decorating copper with colors by varying the temperature of the metal using a torch. He has perfected the technique through years of practice and shared it with his wife, Racheal. They will be joining the Off the Beaten Path ...

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Longtime Pianist

For nearly 62 years Pat Balentine was the pianist at Fifty Six Baptist Church. She recently resigned from the position, making way for another piano player. Pat never played to be seen or praised by others, but because there was a need, and she was the only one in the community to fill the position. “I always enjoyed it but realized it was time to quit.” She explained, “When you get old, the notes all start ...

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‘Lucky 13th’ Motorcycle Event

The 13th Annual Mountains Music and Motorcycles event lived up to its "Lucky 13" billing and went without any major mishaps or issues, organizers said. The weather was hot and sunny for the most part, though there were thunderstorms both Friday and Saturday evenings near the end of music concerts on the courtsquare. See story with lists of winners and photos in the Aug. 23, 2017 issue. ...

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Residents Experience Solar Eclipse

Local residents experienced the Aug. 21, 2017 solar eclipse in a variety of ways, including homemade glasses above (Josh Collins, Alexis Shannon and Matthew Wakefield), and an enhanced pinhole viewer below (Mark, Jessica and William Stroud). From the Aug. 23, 2017 issue. ...

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Purple Heart Bridge Designated

Stone County and the city of Mountain View have joined other Arkansas communities in honoring Purple Heart recipients, and now the new bridge over Little Raccoon Creek on Highway 5 South is the first bridge in the state to be designated a Purple Heart Bridge. A dedication for the bridge signs is planned for Nov. 10, according to Stone County Veterans Service Officer William Stroud. This date was chosen to a ...

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Citizenship Quest Completed

Ten years ago Jose German (pronounced Her-MAHN) of Mountain View decided to start the process to become a United States Citizen, and after years of waiting, studying and taking tests, his dream came true on July 14 when he was sworn in as a United States Citizen. In Dec. 1987, Jose began his journey to the United States from El Salvador with a neighbor and three cousins. They traveled to Mexico where they j ...

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