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Staying Active With Disc Dogs

Nearly 20 years ago, Lee Fairchild found a way to combine his love for dogs with his competitive streak through participation in disc dog events such as the series presented by the Skyhoundz organization. Training, practicing and competing with his dogs in flying discs events has proved a good means of staying active as he enters retirement in Stone County. Lee had beagles and other dogs growing up, and own ...

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Alfred or Junior?

By Lori Freeze You may know my dad as a Forest Service employee, from his years running a flea market, or as that fella who treks uptown nearly every day using a walker to lessen the danger of falling. Fellow federal employees know him as Alfred Webb, but to many friends and family members he will always be “Junior.” It’s a designation my grandparents (Alford Marcellus Webb and Eva Ardell Roper) apparently ...

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