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Simmons To Celebrate 90th Birthday

Longevity runs in the Simmons family, with ages into the 90s being common, and turning 90 is something Tommy Simmons of Mountain View never thought much about. It’s on his mind now, with his 90th birthday being Friday, and with a public birthday celebration planned Sunday afternoon. The Simmons children: Danny, Renee Storey, Virginia Lee, and Pam Setser, invite the public to a drop-in reception (cards only, ...

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Mother, Daughter Reunited

After 61 years, Shirley Harding of Timbo is getting to know the daughter she never met. A ward of the state, Shirley was only 13 years old in 1957 when she gave birth, having been removed from the home of her mother and step-father. She was anesthetized and unconscious for the delivery, so she never got to see the baby, but was told it was a girl who went straight to adoptive parents. At age 14, Shirley was ...

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Ora Mast 90th Birthday Celebration Planned

Ora Mast of Happy Hollow seems to wonder why people are making a fuss about him turning 90 years old. He’s not doing anything special – just living his life as he has for many years: pastoring a church, tending a herd of about 28 beef cattle and performing most of his own chores including cutting and baling hay, and hauling firewood. He’ll reach the age milestone on Sept. 11, and family members are hosting ...

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Camp Shine On!

Camp Shine On!, an art camp for young adults with special needs, was held July 23-27 at Mountain View Meeting Place on Washington Street. Conducted by Randy and Terri Pease, the camp's mission was to promote independence, challenge abilities and provide opportunity to discover potential in a safe, positive environment. See the Aug. 1, 2018 issue for a photo page from Friday's "Luau Day." ...

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Resident Succeeds in Family Search

Tracing his family tree has not been easy for Fred Slater, a Stone County resident since 1984. Adopted into a family in 1954 at 4 years old after having been a ward of the county in Indiana, he knew he had a sister who had been in the county home but had been adopted separately. He had always wondered about that sister, but with a closed adoption system he had no way of finding her unless she was also looki ...

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Alfred or Junior?

By Lori Freeze You may know my dad as a Forest Service employee, from his years running a flea market, or as that fella who treks uptown nearly every day using a walker to lessen the danger of falling. Fellow federal employees know him as Alfred Webb, but to many friends and family members he will always be “Junior.” It’s a designation my grandparents (Alford Marcellus Webb and Eva Ardell Roper) apparently ...

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Paul Miller Turns 102

By Judy Bishop Mountain View resident Paul E. Miller, soon to have his 102nd birthday, recently talked about his long and active life. Surrounded by his books and papers, his white beard neatly trimmed, he seems decades younger than his years. Paul was born in White County, in the Bethlehem community near Judsonia, on July 4, 1916, to cotton and strawberry farmer Joe Henry Miller, whose forebears came to Ar ...

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Reflections from the Smokehouse

An old Christmas card signed by Clifton Irma Juanice and Danny Holland was among those discovered in a box stored in an old smokehouse. By Renee Rushing Carr A few years ago my father, Rodney Rushing, and I poked our heads inside the old smokehouse at the Clarence & Winnie (Rushing) Hinesley place. He had acquired the old home place at Rushing which spans the Stone/Van Buren County line on Highway 9. Th ...

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Little Free Library Installed

“Do a good turn daily” is the slogan of the Boy Scouts of America. Kaleb Tangen, 15, of Fairfield Bay did just that on Saturday when his Eagle Scout project culminated in the installation of a Little Free Library for the Fox community. The project took Kaleb much longer than a day to complete, including pitching his project, finding a design, making a materials list, pricing the materials, recruiting and di ...

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