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Meet Tori Epperson

Tori Epperson is fairly new to the community, but her knowledge of it is extensive and her belief in its potential was established many years ago. She is investing that knowledge and belief in her new position as executive director of the Mountain View Area Chamber of Commerce. Tori has lived in Arkansas the past 15 years, and has lived in Mountain View since marrying Josh Epperson last June. Josh is assist ...

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Avey Sees Many Changes

Betty Avey has seen a lot of changes in her life while living in Stone County, from storing milk in a cool spring to paved highways and big-screen televisions. The 88-year-old is featured in the Feb. 24 issue. ...

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Yun Kim Joins Studio Tour

The move to Mountain View was fortuitous for Yun Kim, as it has helped rekindle a love of painting that she had put aside for many years. She is joining this year's Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour, Sept. 18-20. ...

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Rovilla Fulks Reflects on Long Life

Married at age 15, a mother at 16, and a widow by 19, Rovilla Fulks has definitely had her ups and downs through life, but has continued to work hard and live life to its fullest. See the full feature by Lana Mason in the Aug. 26 issue. ...

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Farris Retires from NADC

Gennive Farris is described by a long-time associate as a "true outreach worker" who has always been good to people and willing to go the extra mile for clients receiving services from the North Arkansas Development Council (NADC). She retired June 30 and is featured in the July 8 issue. ...

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Shipman Retires from DHS

It was estimated that about 200 people attended a retirement reception for Jane Shipman on June 24 to celebrate her 35 years with the Department of Human Services. She is featured in the July 1 issue. ...

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Batson Lands Movie Role

As a child actor new to the business, 6-year-old Bobby Batson is already landing some major roles. His latest endeavor is the role of Joe Piper, son of a near death survivor whose tribulations are recounted in the New York Times best seller, “90 Minutes in Heaven.” Batson will share the screen with well-known actors such as Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen and actress and model Kate Bosworth. The film ada ...

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