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Batson Lands Movie Role

As a child actor new to the business, 6-year-old Bobby Batson is already landing some major roles. His latest endeavor is the role of Joe Piper, son of a near death survivor whose tribulations are recounted in the New York Times best seller, “90 Minutes in Heaven.” Batson will share the screen with well-known actors such as Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen and actress and model Kate Bosworth. The film ada ...

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Passion for Genealogy Leads to New Hobby

By Lori Freeze Renee Carr of the Rushing community has found a new angle to pursue her passion for genealogy research – returning abandoned or misplaced photographs to the families of those pictured. Renee was shopping in a Clinton flea market just more than a year ago when she saw what appeared to be a 1920s-era wedding photo offered for sale. The back of the paper frame contained names written in faded pe ...

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Friendship Community Care

Consumers at Friendship Community Care's STAR Industries stay busy performing work contracted by companies such as Cedar America, Talon Lures and Aromatique. They also are making roadside trash bins for sale to the public. See photo page and information in the March 4 issue. ...

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Fletcher Grist Mill

A fourth generation of the Fletcher family is now learning to operate the antique grist mill acquired by Elmer and Marie Fletcher around 1965. Family members currently are working to process a trailer load of Hickory King (also known as Hickory Cane) through the stone burr mill manufactured by Meadows Mills in the late 1920s. They power it with a belt drive hooked to a tractor, just as Elmer did. Elmer’s so ...

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School Lunches A Challenge

Rising food prices and new government regulations make it a challenge for good service personnel to offer school lunches that are tasty, healthy and inexpensive. See the story in the Oct. 15 issue. ...

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Billie Burnett honored

Billie Burnett of Mountain View was inducted into the Senior Arkansans Hall of Fame this year, and she received her plaque Aug. 8 during the 35th Anniversary Celebration at White River Area Agency on Aging. From the Aug. 13 issue. ...

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Maggie Batson Chosen For ‘Discovery Girl’

Maggie Batson is a little girl with big aspirations. At the age of 7 she started her own company “Twice loved by Maggie B.” Maggie and her mother made designer jewelry from recycled materials, marketed the idea to local stores and now the necklaces are sold in boutiques from North Carolina to California. She has been featured on programs ranging from PBS’s “Biz Kidz” to Nickelodeon’s game show “Figure it ou ...

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Corn Harvest is Family Operation

Harvesting corn from the garden is more than a simple chore for one Stone County family. It is an annual event that combines family tradition and fellowship. Read more information and view photos of the Hershberger family corn harvest in the July 16 issue. ...

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