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Science of Dissection

Seventh grade students at Mountain View Middle School participate in a frog dissection lesson conducted by instructors from Ozarka College. See additional photos in the Jan. 21 issue. ...

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School Lunches A Challenge

Rising food prices and new government regulations make it a challenge for good service personnel to offer school lunches that are tasty, healthy and inexpensive. See the story in the Oct. 15 issue. ...

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Criminal Justice Class

A criminal justice program at Mountain View School has proved to be popular among students, while giving them real-world skills they can use straight out of high school. Read the complete story in the Sept. 24 issue. ...

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Cruce Hired As Principal

Kim Cruce will serve as the new Mountain View High School principal, and football coach Matt Sullivan will be assistant principal. The Mountain View School Board made these as well as several other personnel changes during the regular May 12 board meeting. Read the full story in the May 21 issue. ...

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School Board Grants Raises

Stone County teachers and classified staff will receive a 3 percent raise to the base salary, effective this year, the first increase in six years. Mountain View School Board approved the raise at the April meeting. (See full story in the April 23 issue). ...

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School Waivers Approved

The State Board of Education has approved Mountain View School District's waiver request for part of its missed days, making the last day of school May 30. The schools had seven snow days built into the calendar, but missed 19.5 days. The board waived 7.5 days. Others were made up by cancelling spring break and extending the school year. Full story in the March 26 issue. ...

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Rollercoasters on Display

Mountain View sixth graders displayed rollercoaster assignments last Thursday, putting principles such as friction, force and kinetic energy to use. Each project was required to have an initial drop, a hill, a loop and a curve, as well as a theme and title. From a photo page in the March 19 issue. ...

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