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School Requests Waiver

Mountain View has joined many school districts across Arkansas in requesting the state waive part of their missed snow days after one of the worst winters in recent memory. Full story in the March 12 issue of the Leader. ...

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Read Across America

Teachers and students at Rural Special School celebrated Dr. Seuss Read Across America Day Feb. 28 by dressing up as animals and Seuss characters. See photo page in the March 5 issue. ...

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Spring Break Cut

Spring break has officially been cancelled for the Mountain View School District this year after missing 15 snow days so far. From the Feb. 19 issue. ...

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Scores Merit Extra Funding

Supt. Rowdy Ross announced to the school board that Rural Special and Mountain View Schools will be awarded funding for their high student performance and student academic growth, based on last year's test scores. The Arkansas School Recognition and Rewards Program provides financial rewards to Arkansas public schools that experience high academic performance and growth. See the Jan. 22 issue of the Leader ...

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Sidewalk Covers Collapse

Covered walkways at Mountain View School collapsed as snow melting from roofs added weight to the already burdened structures. School was not in session at the time, as some secondary roads remained impassable because of snow and ice that fell Dec. 5. (from the Dec. 18 issue) ...

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Student Expelled

Mountain View School Board has expelled a Mountain View Middle School student for the remainder of the school year. The board voted on the expulsion, which was recommended by Superintendent Rowdy Ross, following an executive session at a special meeting last Thursday. When an expulsion is being considered, the student and family are notified and may request a hearing with the board. The student was not pres ...

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Historic Buildings Donated

Turkey Creek School Mountain View School has donated three old schoolhouse buildings to community groups interested in using and preserving them. The board voted unanimously (with Jana Wickham absent) to deed these properties to the respective groups during the regular meeting last week. They are being donated according to the provisions of Act 318, a new state law establishing procedures for the disposal o ...

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Farm Day

Mountain View FFA hosted Farm Day at the school, allowing elementary students a chance to visit with animals handled by FFA members. See a photo page in the Oct. 9 issue. ...

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Parents Request Program for Athletes

Mountain View School Board listened to concerns from parents Sept. 16 about whether athletes who are ineligible to play due to grade would be allowed to participate in a supplemental instruction program this fall. See the full story in the Sept. 25 issue. ...

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