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Cattle Producers Battle Pink Eye

Antibiotics, good fly control, and clearing of excess vegetation in pastures are recommended to combat the outbreak of pink eye affecting many local cattle growers this summer.

Bovine keratoconjunctivitis, known as “pink eye,” typically becomes a more serious condition in cattle than does the human version, veterinarians say. It begins with watery, light-sensitive eyes and progresses to the familiar white cloudiness that spreads over the eye. If not controlled, the condition may lead to an ulceration in which the iris ruptures and protrudes from the eye. Although not deadly, it can cause blindness and often causes weight loss as cattle seek shade and avoid grazing when they are suffering from it.

The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service has released a statement about the high incidence of pink eye this year, attributing it mostly to a mild winter and perfect conditions for continual fly hatch this spring and summer.

See the full story in the Aug. 10, 2016 issue.

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