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Economic Development Survey

From the Stone County Extension Service:

A meeting was held recently to discuss the need and potential for a community and economic development action plan for Mountain View and Stone County, with Mark Peterson, Professor of Community and Economic Development from the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service as a guest speaker. The meeting included community leaders from Mountain View, city and county government, and other parts of the county as well. The decision was made to move forward with this initiative, but to make sure that the public has an opportunity to express their opinions as to what is important to preserve as well as to improve. So please let us know what you think by completing this survey, and telling your friends to do so as well.

Here is a link to the Community and Economic Development survey:


You can also come by the Stone County Extension office at 205 Martin St, Mountain View, AR, 72560 to fill the survey out. This survey consist of only six questions and shouldn't take very long. Important note: You have to answer each question on the page in order to move to the next page.

If you have questions, please let Rachel Chaney know by calling the Stone County Extension Office at 870-269-3336. Please share this survey.

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