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Historic Buildings Donated

11-20 Schoolhouse Turkey CreekTurkey Creek School

Mountain View School has donated three old schoolhouse buildings to community groups interested in using and preserving them.

The board voted unanimously (with Jana Wickham absent) to deed these properties to the respective groups during the regular meeting last week. They are being donated according to the provisions of Act 318, a new state law establishing procedures for the disposal of unused buildings.

Two of the buildings, West Richwoods School and Turkey Creek School, are located on Highway 9 South. They were given the West Richwoods Community Organization and Rural Educational Heritage Inc., respectively. The Luber Schoolhouse on Luber Road was given to the Luber Schoolhouse Preservation Association.

Superintendent Rowdy Ross said he has publicized the school’s intention of disposing of these properties, and those were the only groups that expressed interest.

All three buildings were originally one-room schoolhouses and have served as polling sites in later years. They have not been used or maintained by the school district in any way. Having deeded them to the community groups, the school board will have no say in how they are used in the future, but Ross and the board have indicated that they hope the buildings will be maintained and kept available for community use.

From the Nov. 20 issue.


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