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Meet Tori Epperson

3-23 Tori Epperson

Tori Epperson is fairly new to the community, but her knowledge of it is extensive and her belief in its potential was established many years ago. She is investing that knowledge and belief in her new position as executive director of the Mountain View Area Chamber of Commerce.

Tori has lived in Arkansas the past 15 years, and has lived in Mountain View since marrying Josh Epperson last June. Josh is assistant superintendent at the Ozark Folk Center State Park. Tori also has a state parks background, having served the agency for 13 years as the administrative assistant to the Region 3 Supervisor. She was also active with the Delta Byways Tourism Association.

Originally from Memphis, Tori has visited Mountain View many times for training sessions, conferences and familiarization tours.

She says the area has great potential because of the various aspects of offering music, arts and crafts, as well as outdoor activities and a variety of lodging.

“It’s an adorable, quaint little town that offers so much more than people realize,” she commented. “It’s the perfect get-away without a long drive.”

The hometown feel of the community is a big draw to people who are missing that, she noted.

Tori hopes to provide a fresh perspective on promoting the area and uniting the business and tourism community.

“Hospitality is my passion,” she says.

Tori plans to visit with merchants to meet everyone and learn about the Chamber’s strengths and weaknesses to enable a well-rounded promotional effort.

“Festivals and events will bring people once, but it’s that networked hospitality that will bring people again and again,” she said, adding that Mountain View needs to be seen not as a tourist trap, but as a town that loves tourists.

“My main goal for Mountain View is to create a multifaceted, all inclusive experience for our visitors that draws them back again and again. I believe the best way to achieve this goal is to create a network between all business, tourist destinations, and general points of interest.”

From the March 23, 2016 issue.

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  • Dave Jackson

    Tori is wonderful! Very smart, good computer and people skills, lots of administrative experience.

  • Raynea Busch

    Tori will do a great job for your area. She has always went above and beyond her job duties to help others when she worked for ADPT.


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