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Mountains, Music & Motorcycles

8-21 MMM Thousands of motorcycles and motorcycle enthusiasts gathered on the courtsquare for the 9th Annual Mountains, Music & Motorcycles the weekend of Aug. 17. See photo page and story in the Aug. 21 issue.

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  • nathan

    This is Nathan Longeway, from the American Legion Riders out of Heber Springs Post 64, and the WINNER of the first annual HOT PEPPER EATING CONTEST at the Mountain, Music and Motorcycle event. Thank you to everyone that was there cheering me on through this firery hot endeavor. This contest was a lot of torturous fun. I wanted to challenge anyone that thinks they are brave enough to stand the heat of hatties and the Caroline Reapers (the world’s hottest pepper aka the ghost pepper) to come out to next years contest so that I can defend this title. Please leave comments here If you were there watching this contest or if you plan on being there next year. Thank you to all those who participated.


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