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Police Dispatch Management Debated

County officials blame lack of funding for any deficiencies in dispatching at the Stone County Sheriff’s Office, but Mountain View Police Chief Bobby Day doesn’t think money is the answer.

“It’s not just about money. It’s about accountability, which there’s a lack of at the sheriff’s office right now,” Day told the Leader.


The conclusion of county officials, including Judge Stacey Avey and Chief Deputy DeWayne Pierce, is that the sheriff’s office could do a better job of dispatching if the county had money to hire more staff.

“We’re below standards. We can’t meet standards because we don’t have the money to hire all the people,” Pierce said.

While Pierce emphasized that the county is adequately staffed in terms of providing effective law enforcement, he does not have enough personnel in the jail to segregate the duties of the jailer/dispatchers.

See full story in the June 24 issue.

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