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SCMC’s Rodger Stone Retires

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After 47 years in radiology at Stone County Medical Center (SCMC), Radiology Director Rodger Stone has announced his retirement.

An old proverb states that “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” Rodger, much like a rolling stone, has been moving forward since making the decision to pursue a career in radiology nearly 50 years ago, and he says he has no regrets.

As a teen nearing graduation from Concord High School in 1967, Rodger knew his calling was in the field of healthcare. While contemplating which healthcare profession to pursue, Rodger was guided by local healthcare professionals into the field of radiology, a growing profession at the time. Rodger felt radiology was the right fit, and attended the radiology program at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock.

Rodger’s next big decision was deciding where he wanted to start his career. He decided to settle down in Mountain View and, in 1969, was hired as a radiologic technologist by Mountain View General Hospital, which is now SCMC. At that time, he was the only radiologic technologist in the facility.

“I made a visit to the area and knew it was a great place,” Rodger said. “I decided to call it home and never looked back.”

See the full story in the June 1, 2016 issue.

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