Campbell Retires As Pastor


As a man who seems driven to make a difference and to go where he is needed, David Campbell found the perfect calling as pastor of a small country church.

“You wear a whole lot of hats. You preach sermons, visit people in the hospital, do services in the nursing home, take mission trips, host missionaries.”

David has not kept count of the number of weddings or funerals he has officiated. He has preached funerals for stillborn babies and people over 100 years old, he said.

In addition to serving local and national missions, he has helped build churches in Mexico and Guatemala and made three trips to Cuba.

For a while, he personally made headstones for old graves in Stone County cemeteries where there was no stone, or for people who couldn’t afford to buy one.

A good thing about a small-town church is there is less red tape, he said. “Whatever needs to be done, you do it.”

Making runs for the food pantry, mowing the grass – “Whatever you’re doing that day, you have to realize, that’s a ministry,” he said. “You’re not doing it for attention. You’re doing it because it needs to be done.”


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