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Fun Rocks ~ Creative Hobby Continues


Above, Kathleen Torres and Amanda Lewis paint rocks in Washington Street Park.

Taylar Sherrill was looking for something fun for her family to enjoy over the summer that “didn’t cost an arm and a leg,” when she discovered a game called Fun Rocks.

She quickly created a Facebook page for Mountain View Fun Rocks and it now has 1,581 followers.

Taylor explains the game consists of painting rocks and placing or hiding them for others to find. Clues can be posted on the Facebook page to help others find the rocks. When the rocks are found a picture can be taken and posted on the page. Rocks can then be re-hidden or adopted and kept.

She said it makes her kids proud when someone finds one of their painted rocks and posts a photo with it. Many adults also enjoy participating, and many enjoy just painting the rocks and letting the kids hide them. Her family uses cheap acrylic paint and then applies a label to the back showing the Facebook page. The design is then sealed.

She explained there was no wrong or right way to participate, but the goal is to get outside and have fun.

Kathleen Torres became involved with painting rocks after a recent knee surgery. She enjoys the exercise she gets from getting outside and hiding painted rocks.

She and a friend, Amanda Lewis, paint and hide rocks representing various groups, some which create awareness about safety – such as “Look Twice Save a Life” for motorcycles – and issues like abuse prevention.

She also finds it exciting to see where their rocks travel. They know of one traveling all the way to Hawaii.

Laura Rogers needed an activity for her young daughter and started the group Rockin’ The Square. She explained they were fairly new to town and wanted to become more involved in the community. Her daughter paints rocks at night and they hide them around the square, with the goal to get other youngsters out on the courthouse square.

From the Oct. 18, 2017 issue.


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