Land Sought For Boat Facility


A second boat factory has been proposed for Mountain View and could be under construction this year if land is secured soon.

Mark Bauerlein told the Stone County Quorum Court July 13 he intends to build a boat manufacturing plant in Mountain View, with plans to employ at least 23 initially and 45 to 50 at full production.

Bauerlein said he is working with the Stone County Area Industrial Development Corporation (SCAIDC) about purchasing land. “We’re not quite there yet, but close,” he said.

Bauerlein expects about $4 million to be invested in this project and is ready to begin construction as soon as he has the land.

“If we can get a piece of property nailed down, we’re ready to move forward in the next two months. I’m ready to pull the trigger on this” he said.

Wages for his boat factory employees will average $14 an hour, Bauerlein said.

Bauerlein is the owner of EZ Trac Trailer, a company that makes boat trailers at a facility on the west end of town near the industrial park. He previously ran the Excel Boat factory, he said, and often works with boat dealers who ask him about buying boats along with his trailers. EZ Trac Trailer started out producing about 150 boat trailers a year and is now making more than 1,000.

Bauerlein said his plant will make boats in the same category as Excel’s but different models.

His company will be purchasing a small out-of-state boat company, so they will have a product line ready for production right away. He intends eventually to produce 600 to 1,000 boats a year.

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