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School Board Reviews Exam Scores


School officials will be addressing some areas of concern in the local schools’ performance on the 2017 ACT Aspire assessment exam.

“There’s a few times we’re below the state,” Supt. Rowdy Ross told the board during its regular meeting Aug. 14.

Overall, 79 percent of the district’s students scored either “ready” or “exceeding” in English, meaning they are meeting or exceeding the expected performance for their grade level.

However, only about half were ready/exceeding in other subject areas – 51 percent in reading, 46 in writing, 53 in science, and 56 in math. These are averages of all grades over all campuses.

A website called SchoolDigger.com released a ranking of all schools based on 2016-17 ACT Aspire scores and shows Mountain View District ranked quite well: Rural Special 15th, Timbo 28th, and Mountain View 40th out of 261.

Elementary schools did not fare as well: Timbo 83rd, Mountain View 117th, and Rural Special 223rd out of 484.

Mountain View Middle School is ranked 49th of 314.

Scores for small populations of students are often inconsistent since even one score can greatly influence the average. Board members focused their review on how the district compares to the state. Stone County schools have typically scored comfortably above the state average in almost all areas, but this year there were four areas where they were below the state average: 3rd grade writing, 4th grade writing, 5th grade reading, and 8th grade English.

Also, the district scored below 50 percent ready/exceeding in 3rd grade reading, 5th grade writing, 7th grade reading, 7th grade writing, 8th grade writing, 8th grade science, 9th grade reading, 9th grade science, 9th grade math, 10th grade reading, and 10th grade math. Fifth grade and 7th grade science were at 50 percent.

See the full story in the Aug. 23, 2017 issue.


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