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City Trash Rates To Increase

Recommended 51.3% Hike Approved


Mountain View City Council unanimously agreed to raise sanitation rates by 51.3-percent as recommended by Communities Unlimited, an outside company that conducted a rate study for Mountain View’s solid waste collection.

Mayor Roger Gardner said the study analyzed the sanitation department’s finances and compared the rates to similar municipalities. Mountain View’s rates were the third cheapest in the comparison study, Councilman Finis Brewer noted.

Gardner said the city had subsidized the department $125,000 in 2021, and he told the council all operation expenses had increased, including tipping fees, fuel, and wages.

“Everything has went up, except the rate,” he stated.

He said the increase was necessary to keep the trash pickup service in operation.
The city has ordered a new sanitation truck for $190,000 and raising the rates at the recommended amount would make the sanitation department break even, Gardner stated.

Councilman Danny Simmons said the study “just reinforces what we already knew,” adding the rates should have been raised each year.

Standard residential rates will increase from $10.40 to $15.75 a month. Rates outside the city limits will raise to $26.75 a month. Commercial customer rates inside the city will be $23.60 and commercial customer rates outside the city limits will be $47.21 a month.

Dumpster rates will also increase, ranging from $62.94 to $110.15 a month inside the city, and $125.88 to $220.29 a month outside the city limits.

The council unanimously agreed to the rate changes. Councilman J.K. Williams was absent.

New rates will not go into effect until an ordinance is adopted.

Read the full story in the Nov. 16 issue.

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