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Builder Leaves Mark Throughout Region


Anyone who has Wayne Harlan’s contact information can shoot him a text or fire off a quick e-mail at 3:30 in the morning and have a reply by 4. That’s when Harlan’s day begins. It’s part of both his personal and professional style.

Harlan, a long-time Stone County resident with deep family roots, is principal, president, and construction manager of the Fairfield Bay-based Noacon Inc., Commercial Construction, a regional construction company with fingerprints across north-central Arkansas.

“There are business decisions being made at my house every morning by 4 a.m. That’s just the nature of the business with weather and deliveries and the general way of the construction business.”

Read the full story in the Feb. 2 issue.

Stone County Leader, Mountain View AR, Wayne Harlan, NOACON


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