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Leak Detection For Pool Pursued By City Officials


The newly formed recreation committee agreed to move forward with hiring a leak detection company to check for leaks on the pool at the Stone County Recreation Complex.

Committee member Finis Brewer said he had spoken with a company that will pressurize the system to check for leaks. The cost is a minimum $750 for the first two hours, plus $375 per additional hour, plus traveling fee $139.65. The company is scheduled to check the pool on July 12. The company will pressurize the pool with gas and use ultrasonic listening device, among other methods.

He outlined a list of information needed prior to the company coming on site. The company would determine where the leak is, what is needed to stop it, and the city could then decide how to proceed.

Dana Woods said he thinks the cost is reasonable and he said something has to be done, then describing a “worst case scenario” of the side of the pool caving in.
“If we’re gonna have a pool, we need to figure out what’s causing any leaks, and then we need to do our darndest to get that grant to do the best we can to make it viable for years to come,” Brewer said.

Mayor Roger Gardner said the daily water loss is pretty significant, but the city needs to keep the pool open to receive grant funding.

Read the full story in the June 30 issue.

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