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Stewart Solves Problems For Niche Markets


It started with an educated idea and a printer on a coffee table.

Just two years later Zack Stewart is refining a business model that capitalizes on discovering needs through the power of social media and shipping hundreds and thousands of his 3-D printed parts across the globe each week.

And he does most of it from a highly modified 10 x 20 outbuilding in his back yard that looks more like headquarters in the Bat Cave.

Stewart’s Flow State Manufacturing capitalizes on relatively new workplace technology that allows designers to create parts, models, and prototypes with layers of melted plastic. The technology is prevalent in businesses including home décor, tooling and automotive parts, the latter of which has become one of Stewart’s mainstays.

“There is a huge spectrum of applications,” Stewart said recently from his home-based headquarters. “The thing that I like most about it is that it accommodates a transition from an idea in my mind to a tangible function and something I can put in my hand. It gives me complete control from the genesis of an idea to the final product. And I can do it all from a desk top.”

Read the full story in the Dec. 22, 2021, issue.

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